Care is offered at different levels of intensity in a variety of settings. Many outpatient options allow people to maintain their regular routines and their privacy, too, if desired. Understanding the available treatment options—from behavioral therapies and medications sober house to mutual-support groups—is the first step. The important thing is to remain engaged in whatever method you choose. Because AUD can be a chronic relapsing disease, persistence is key. It is rare that someone would go to treatment once and then never drink again.

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In most instances, their credentials are much less important compared to their experience and the connection you can establish with them. Most therapists would likely agree that the most curative factor in the psychotherapeutic relationship is the rapport that develops between therapist and person in therapy. So while you’re looking for someone you can afford, you are also looking for someone with whom you can connect. We know that the responsibilities of life such as work, school, or family can make recovery difficult. That’s why we offer intensive outpatient therapy with morning and evening group times. It’s true that you need to make time for recovery, but it helps if treatment sessions are more flexible.

Telehealth—phone or video sessions.

Research shows that most people who have alcohol problems are able to reduce their drinking or quit entirely. Ultimately, choosing to get treatment may be more important than the approach used, as long as the approach avoids heavy confrontation and incorporates empathy, motivational support, and a focus on changing drinking behavior. All approved medications are non-addictive and can be used alone or in combination with other forms of treatment. Alcohol-related problems—which result from drinking too much, too fast, or too often—are among the most significant public health issues in the United States. If you don’t have VA health care benefits, you may still be able to get care.

  • Emotional and mental relapse will start weeks or even months before the event of physical relapse.
  • I know you’ve been through some tough, painful times before entering my door.
  • During the first few counseling sessions, the alcohol abuse counselor will talk to you about your drinking history, your lifestyle, and your feelings about starting treatment.
  • At the same time, it’s a way to get higher quality, one-on-one care that maintains privacy.
  • Monument treatment plans start at $14.99/month plus an initial onboarding fee.

Alcohol counseling programs can be highly successful when carried out in conjunction with other treatment for alcoholism. The combination of counseling and the medicine naltrexone, which halts cravings and keeps alcohol from causing pleasure in the brain, is a particularly effective combination. Counseling that occurs in conjunction with a 12-step program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, may also be more effective. However, we also provide support throughout the entire state of Florida through online counseling to bring exceptional mental health support right to your couch.

Find a substance abuse counselor near you

We connect you to highly qualified healthcare professionals and community support, entirely online. We’ve created a judgement-free, secure and confidential place for you to make progress on your own terms. We’re also committed to making tools and information available to everyone, which is why we provide a free resource library in addition to affordable medical care.

I look forward to helping you succeed as you continue along your recovery journey. Some people believe the only way to treat alcoholism is to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, get a sponsor, and work the steps. However, it doesn’t take into account the trauma, mental illness, or other factors in your life over which you have little to no control. Without treating your underlying risk factors, you’re likely to relapse and end up back where you started. Some of our addictions are harmless, we might be tempted to believe. Sure, addiction to social media might be better for my health than, say, a substance abuse issue.

Substance Abuse Counseling in St. Petersburg Can Help You With Your Addiction

Three medications are currently approved in the United States to help people stop or reduce their drinking and prevent relapse. They are prescribed by a primary care physician or other health professional and may be used alone or in combination with counseling. We provide many options for Veterans seeking treatment for substance use problems ranging from unhealthy alcohol use to life-threatening addiction.

  • The theory behind Motivational Interviewing is that most of us experience internal ambivalence when deciding to make a big change.
  • Some elements of a comprehensive treatment plan, like rehab and medication-assisted therapies, can be completed over the course of a few months.
  • Your physician can prescribe medication to stop drinking if safe and appropriate.
  • The connection between trauma and substance abuse is especially strong since alcohol and other substances have a numbing effect.
  • We’ve created a judgement-free, secure and confidential place for you to make progress on your own terms.

Many others substantially reduce their drinking and report fewer alcohol-related problems. If you’re struggling with substance use problems, you’re not alone. Many Veterans have problems with the use of alcohol, tobacco, street drugs, and prescription medicines. Find out how to get support for substance use problems through VA. There are many possible risk factors for alcoholism, from past trauma to social pressure.


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